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Who is Alice?

Born in the middle of nowhere, Alice developed a love for fantasy while exploring the backwoods of Ontario. If he isn't holed up in his house writing, he's likely on a canoe or a hockey rink. To this day, he still believes The Clash is the "only band that matters".

Written while in his early 20's, Silver Rain is the first book of a fantasy trilogy. The beta is currently available for free to download.


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Born a thruin among a village of humans, Dryden hides the gem-like scars on his hands, too ashamed to reveal their disfiguration. When strange foreigners appear in his quiet and peaceful hometown, their suspicious behaviour leads him to believe they're after him and whatever his hands symbolize.

His fears end up taking him far from his home in the company of an older man claiming to have answers, an impoverished woman who can hear the gossip of the wind, and a young thruin with identical scars to his own.

Together, they journey from crime-riddled cities to monster-infested caves as the truth darts from Dryden's grasp and the threat of the foreigners loom like shadows at dusk.

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